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About us

Creative umbrellas (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. is a gathering design, development,production, sales, manufacturing all kinds of umbrellas, outdoor products’ company.Headquartered in Hongkong, has its own sales network in China, we have our own factory, annual output  up to more than 5000000pcs, products are exported to Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries.Our cooperative customers are a large numbers of big brands,like AVAN,SESAME STREET, AUDI,DISNEY ETC. 

Our company’s products complete in specifications, novel style, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality. At present, has been involved in the sun umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, beach umbrellas, fishing umbrellas, garden umbrellas, tent, child umbrellas, 2- 5 fold umbrellas,golf umbrellas, gift umbrellas,raincoat& rain boots and hundreds of kinds of outdoor products. Order types are overseas OEM orders and domestic first-line brand sales orders, product types have various specifications of OEM production umbrellas, advertising gift umbrellas, outdoor sunshade, beach umbrellas etc.

"Our business is life itself......" , this is our company's operating philosophy, our company’s products, outdoor appliance closely associated with life. Such as folding umbrellas, is easy for traveling, convenient collection; straight umbrellas, according to the different type of people use; Golf umbrellas, suitable for outdoor sports;Beach umbrellas,tents,  suitable for beach,outdoor sports; Child umbrellas,suitable for children; raincoat, rain boots suitable for rainy&snowy days travel...... Sunny,it can prevent ultraviolet erosion on human skin.Rainy,it can keep out wind and rain for you. In one word, umbrellas is applicable to all aspects of life, and our business is to do with the daily life linking closely.

Quality is our lifeline, is honest treatment of customers’ most solid shield, is source power of constantly creating quality products and business forward, we have dedicated QA department and the Commissioner of all, achieve control of product of raw materials before the goods, goods in the manufacturing of the control, prior to shipment product quality have a better guarantee.

Sincere service is our aim to the customer, is the bridge and link of the customers, we must insist on “To worry before customers’ worries;To enjoy only after customers can enjoy”;Every customer response problems have recording, tracking, solving,replying;Every customer reaction problems we all response to customer service.

Creation,comes from the quality, based on the integrity of service to the customers from life,from each accumulated on the quality of the product details, is an extension of life itself. Our company can according to different specifications, the requirements of the customers of different shape, color, LOGO and other custom-made different gear.Creation is our eternal purpose of the company, is the source of constantly to meet the requirements of the customers,is the impetus for the enterprises to continuously inject new vigor and vitality, is the source power of keeping pace with the times, leading the trend of the world. Customers are welcome to join the creative life, creativity, creative taste of the big family.