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How to divide the umbrellas by folding number

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Learning umbrellas

According to the different function of umbrella design, has the very big difference in the fold number.

In general the folding umbrella, the market is mainly divided into four categories: straight umbrella (ninety percent off), two (two), seventy percent offumbrella, half off folding umbrella. The so-called several fold a few fold umbrella, refers to the umbrella framework (keel) can be folded several times.For example, two fold umbrella is the umbrella can be folded two times.

First of all, straight umbrella or a folding umbrella. Is the umbrella the majority,also have all-weather umbrella, all manufacturers are similar production suchstraight rod umbrella. Its advantages are umbrella is steel, durable, old manalso can be a crutch. Disadvantages are longer, generally carry is not very convenient, space.

Secondly, introduce two folding umbrella. The fold number for the general,high-grade sunshade umbrella. Familiar with the parasol students may know,two fold umbrella in general more expensive. This is because they generallyskeleton design firm, cloth for embroidery, imported color tape, design andexquisite good workmanship, so the price positioning in the high-end. The main advantages: quality did not have to say, the design is very beautiful, also easy to carry, windproof sunscreen effect is good. Disadvantages: slightly more than half off, seventy percent off umbrella weight a little bit (maybe notweaknesses).

And then: to talk about three fold umbrella. The three fold is widely distributed,generally most umbrellas, parasol is designed to do. Do not believe, you can put your umbrella out check. Probably seventy percent off of the oh. It should be said, this is compared with the design of the doctrine of the mean, not publicity also low-key. From the aspect of texture, the use of point of view are the design relatively moderate. Good quality, long service life, good sunproof and windproof, moderate weight, moderate length. As a whole is moderate, the design concept is more popular, practical.

Finally, about half off umbrella. This umbrella is small, easy to carry on. Heavy and mainly for the general umbrella long habit, by resin bone, advancedaluminum alloy framework design and. A lot of parasols designed half off is such. The main drawback is that the umbrella, the wind heavy rain umbrella isunbearable. So, this kind of umbrella for sun protection is a more sensible,wind rain must be careful oh.

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