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How to purchase umbrellas?

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The purchase method

1, the young girl silk or nylon umbrella can choose decorative colorfulexquisite; also optional for ladies bags in the collection, convenient carryingthree nylon folding umbrella.

2, young men need light, flexible, optional plain face, the two section or three section folding umbrella;

3, the elderly sluggish, can choose 55 ~ 65 cm of different specifications of thelightweight nylon plum bone long umbrella umbrella stick, sunny day can alsohelp step generation.

4 children, lively, active, can buy umbrella top spherical plastic caps, umbrellaend with a plastic sleeve head children cloth umbrella, in order to ensure safety.

Method for the identification of umbrella quality

Quality inspection of the umbrella, pay attention to the following points:

The umbrella surface is full, no off-line phenomenon.

The continuous introduction of 5 ~ 6 times, shoulder bracing can fall off, holdkey should be solid.

The stalk, stem, bone, surface should be intact, plating parts should be smooth.

The fabric waterproof performance should be strong, nylon umbrella surface should be blowing impervious.

The automatic umbrella opening button should be flexible; gently shaking, notto open.

The umbrella can be prevented from turning method

The strong wind will be blowing up the umbrella, as long as the umbrella, take a piece of string, one end fastened at the nostril in a rib end, then turn around to pull the string

At the end of every umbrella rib tensioned and secured, and finally back to thefirst umbrella rib tied at. After several times after the test is successful, willstring suture in the edge of the umbrella can be.

Umbrella maintenance method

The umbrella after use, should be placed in ventilated, dry place open air, and in the umbrella, umbrella handle with a small amount of oil to prevent rust,mildew,.

To open the umbrella, umbrella surface should be shaken, straight umbrella,and then slowly opened, can prevent the fracture, PVC fabric umbrella ifsticking together do not be hard up, put the sticky hand separately, and then slowly open.

 don't umbrella hanging containing alkaline lime wall, can prevent umbrella surface crisp.

 no umbrella pick things, without an umbrella when the walking stick, don't letthe umbrella close to high temperature (especially transparent plastic umbrellafabric), can prevent umbrella deformation.

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