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The umbrella cloth material and explanation

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There are 3 main umbrella cloth, costs from low to high as follows: polyester cloth, silver coated fabric and pongee cloth. The silver tape put ultraviolet function is good, but after a long time, place the fold silver glue easy detachment.Polyester color more gorgeous, dark lady like, but the solar UV protective effect is not ideal. The price of the most expensive cloth touch gesture, but the anti ultraviolet function, stable quality, color grades are more ideal, is the best umbrella cloth, general pongee on the high-grade umbrellas of cloth. But Creative umbrella(HK)Co,.ltd advises clients to use touch gesture cloth, because each umbrella cost than other umbrella only increased by USD1.5 . Most of the companies and the umbrella factory, in the production of advertising umbrella for clients, the most important factor is the company's profit. Many factors that influence the umbrella, quality and cost is very complex, a lot of the Umbrella Corp's business staff is also a known semi understand, the customer is more difficult to comprehensive, clear understanding, all most of the Umbrella Corp is the best, in the production of advertising umbrella, Jerry, reducing the cost, but it will affect the use effect and use an umbrella life. From the perspective of production costs, production costs less than USD1.5 umbrella, quality basically is not guaranteed, so the regular mall umbrella sales price basically is in USD2 yuan of above.
Umbrella  folding  Panels: there are 7 surface and the 8 surface points, the most general use 8 surface. A straight rod umbrella has 8 surface and the 16 surface, the average is 8 surface, large some with 16 faces. The folding umbrella surface radius and the line bone length: 55CM is generally, but also some companies, in order to earn more profits, the umbrella surface radius reduced, but it will seriously affect the shading and rain blocking effects.
The length of the folding umbrella umbrella rod: general from 19 inches to 23 inches, use the most is 19 inch and 20 inch, Creative advertisement umbrella factory recommends that customers use 23 inch, comfortable to use. A straight rod umbrella from 21 inches to 27 inches, have various specifications use.
The pipe wall thickness of the umbrella rod: generally 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6.
Materials and the umbrella rod and line bone: there are generally 5 kinds of materials, steel, aluminum, iron, alloy and fiber, the fiber is the price of the most expensive, cost far more than the other materials, followed by the alloy material lightweight, other materials prices mainly rely on the styles and collocation.